Shrimp Curry with Rice



A hearty portion of northern shrimp blended with unique Indian spices and coconut milk awaits you! Rice, cashews and raisins add the perfect touch to this recipe. The shrimp curry with rice is a customer favourite. A mouth-watering dish for those looking to add an exotic touch.


The delicious combination of shrimps, coconut milk, cashews, rice, raisins, and Indian spices awaits you. It is more than just another extraordinary dish – it is a meal that will let you plunge into the exotic atmosphere of Pakistan, India, and Thailand. Curry is a spice fusion mainly used in Indian, Pakistan and Thai cuisine. Whether mild or spicy, one thing is for sure, curry will bring flavour to all dishes with passion. Easily recognized by its yellow-orange colour, our shrimp curry emboldens the spirit of this great dish.

Shrimp Curry with Rice is a highly nutritious recipe with the following nutritional facts per serving: sugar 3g, Protein 39g, saturated fat 1g, carbohydrates 50g, and fat 7g. You can set out traditional condiments such as toasted coconut, chopped peanut, or chopped bell pepper for an exciting presentation. Easy enough for a weekly meal, big flavor, and excellent presentation; it will for sure become one of your special go-meals without a doubt.

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Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in