Nutritious Freeze-Dried Meals

Soy Protein (100g) (new)

Vegan Meals

Our 100-percent vegan freeze-dried meals offer you the same fantastically fresh and complex flavors of freshly prepared vegan specialties, along with the advantage of being long-lasting and lightweight. Each of our vegan products is entirely free of all animal products. We believe dietary restrictions should never come at the expense of convenience and great taste.

Our vegan menu is truly global with entrées such as Pad Thai with Peanuts and Vegetables and Bengali Rice, along with American classics including Vegetarian Chili and Seven Flavor Consommé.

Mediterranean Pork (lactose Free)

Lactose-Free Meals

We stock a wide selection of equally ideal products for outdoor adventure and long-term food storage for our customers who prefer a diet without lactose. Whether you choose not to consume lactose for medical reasons or just as a personal preference, all of our lactose-free meals provide hearty, nutritionally balanced, and delicious freeze-dried and easy-to-prepare meals.

You will have a difficult time deciding which of our lactose-free selections is your favorite. Will it be the Japanese-inspired Teriyaki Rice or maybe the Sunny Rice Salad that is chockfull of veggies. Then again, why do you have to limit yourself when they are all so delicious?

Beef Stew With Vegetables And Potatoes Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Meals

Tens of millions of people strive to reduce the amount of gluten they eat. If you are one of them, you know what a struggle it is to find great-tasting gluten-free food in the supermarket, let alone food suitable for long-term storage. Our line of gluten-free freeze-dried meals never sacrifices good taste for health. While the products in this category are 99 percent gluten-free, we do not endorse any of them for individuals with Celiac disease or other medically restrictive diets.

Beans, beans they’re good for your heart, and they are delicious to boot. Select from a range of gluten-free meals, including bean-based Vegetarian Taco or Tortilla Mix and Vegetarian Chili. If you’re not into beans, it’s not a problem; we have many more gluten-free options.

Spanish Scrambled Eggs (vegetarian)

Vegetarian Meals

Meat-free doesn’t have to be taste-free, even when it comes to lightweight, shelf-stable meals. Our line of vegetarian meals is perfect for the ovo-lacto vegetarian looking for a more convenient way to enjoy the food they love when they go on outdoor adventures. All of our vegetarian products are simple to prepare and delicious enough that even your non-vegetarian buddies won’t miss the meat!

Whatever time of day, we have the perfect vegetarian meal for you! In addition to our vegan products, we offer meat-free selections that include dairy products like the cheesy goodness of Mom’s Dried Tomato and Cheese Macaroni and the goodness of Raspberry and Granola with milk.

Dried Whole Egg Powder (100g)

Freeze Dried Breakfast

Whether you are at home or through-hiking the Appalachian Trail, a good breakfast is essential. Our selection of hearty and nutritious morning meals are guaranteed to give you all the energy you need no matter what your day brings. Forget about cold cereal or bland instant oatmeal. You owe it to yourself to have a hot breakfast that is simple and quick to prepare and is amazingly delicious without requiring a lot of cleaning up. After all, who wants to be doing dishes when there is so much out there to explore.

Imagine how fantastic it would be to start your day off with a hot or cold bowl of Apple and Cinnamon Granola or the sweet and tart taste of Merry Berry Couscous. All of our breakfasts make quick and easy snacks any time of the day!

Chicken And Orzo Soup (lactose Free)


Few things are more satisfying than a big bowl of hot soup on a blustery day. Soup makes the ideal light lunch, a delicious starter, or a versatile side dish. Forget the instant supermarket soups. They can’t compare to our freeze-dried selection. We offer a variety of soups that are ready in mere minutes but taste like they have been slowly simmering all day long.

Noodle lovers have to try our creamy Coconut Thai Soup made with coconut milk and lots of vegetables. The vegetarian-friendly Ranchero Soup is also one of our popular soup options for those who crave the classic Southwest flavor.

Braised Pork With White Wine Mushroom Sauce

Freeze Dried Dinners

At the end of the day, you need something that will satisfy your hunger quickly. The last thing you want to be doing is spending a long-time preparing supper after setting up camp for the night. You can prepare all of our freeze-dried dinners within a few minutes with just hot water. No arguing over whose turn it is to wash the pans, and everyone can have their favorite.

With so many fantastic dinners you can choose like the decadent Cheese and Mushroom Risotto and the traditional style Neapolitan Spaghetti, it can be tough to pick a favorite. Get a few and discover which dinner you prefer!

Apple And Cinnamon Granola


Who doesn’t like a bit of sweetness at the end of a meal? With our freeze-dried selection of desserts, you can easily reward yourself for going that extra mile or just indulge for no reason at all. Our scrumptious desserts satisfy your sweet tooth while still providing you with the valuable nutrients your body needs. Whether you enjoy your desserts as an after-dinner treat or a mid-afternoon energy boost, you are going to find a favorite.

Our Chia Delight with Almonds and Cranberries is hard to beat for its taste and nutrition. Our other desserts, like the extremely popular Apple Crisp, are equally good!

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