How Long Does Stored Survival Food Last?

When preparing for a disaster, you need to be sure that you have enough food to survive. Whether you’re by yourself or camped out with your family, the right amount of food can make a substantial difference. When prepping, it’s necessary to know the shelf life of different foods. Some items can last a few […]

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8 Essential Items for Your Hurricane Survival Kit

8 Essential Items For Your Hurricane Survival Kit

As the temperature starts to heat up, hurricane season is coming quickly. In the Atlantic Ocean, which is where the majority of the landfalling hurricanes in the United States come from, hurricane season starts June 1st. Even though a lot of people believe a hurricane will never hit them, hurricanes have been coming with greater […]

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What is Freeze Dried Food? Freeze Dried Foods Explained

Freeze Dry

What is Freeze-Dried Food? Freeze-Dried Foods Explained If you are looking for a food that you can take with you when you go hiking, backpacking, camping, or that can be stored for emergency situations, you may want to consider exploring freeze-dried foods. However, not all freeze-dried foods have been created equal, so it is important […]

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