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Best Rated Emergency Food in the Industry!

Happy Yak brand foods are made in Canada from the freshest ingredients, individually freeze dried to preserve freshness and quality.

Active families, urban sportspersons, travelers and adventurers now have a tasty, nutritious, and simple solution for their outdoor foods. With Happy Yak, outdoor dining becomes a unique opportunity to enjoy life, share good food with friends and family! Forget about long preparation time, go out and welcome the freedom to travel the world, seek the adventure, live free. Freedom to enjoy life, this is what inspires us to go farther!

It thus comes as no surprise that since its inception, Happy Yak feeds your adventures great and small!


  • Nutrition On The Go: Great for outdoor activities, firefighters, students, emergency preparedness, and more!
  • Freeze Dried: Retains 98% of its nutritional value (unlike dehydrating, which only preserves 50%)
  • Easy to Prepare: Just open the pouch and add water. Wait as indicated, then enjoy!

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Our Mission

We thrive on building lasting relationships with our customers. We strive to provide quality food products for a number of contingencies such as camping, hiking, boating, natural disasters or civil unrest.

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