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Are you prepared for the next natural disaster?

Good food shouldn’t be hard to come by no matter what you’re doing.

When you decide to enjoy the great outdoors, delicious foods should follow.

Why should you have to eat canned or dehydrated foods when there’s another option? Whether you’re eating on the go or you’re setting up camp for the night, there are amazing foods available to you. It’s all about knowing about the options.

At Emergency Meals & Provisions, we provide you with access to foods that you really want. Suddenly, you can enjoy gourmet foods regardless of whether you have a cooler or not.

Let’s face it – when you’re camping, backpacking, or otherwise “roughing it,” gourmet is not a word that you would usually use to describe your food choices. And why is that? Well, fresh food won’t hold up, refrigerated food can’t be properly transported, and too many canned foods are unrecognizable once you pry up the lid.

It’s time to learn that there’s a gourmet option just waiting for you. Freeze-dried foods can ensure that you eat well when you immerse yourself in nature. Explore the flavors of the world – Italian, Thai, Mexican, Moroccan. The options are nearly limitless. The best part is that you can find some incredible meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Joys of Freeze-Dried Foods

Freeze-dried may not sound fancy, but you have to look beyond the words. Let us tell you more about what it means – and what the benefits are.

It’s Nutritious.

Really. Freeze-drying preserves more of the nutritional value than so many other methods, such as dehydration and canning. In fact, approximately 97% of the nutritional value is preserved. That’s a big difference compared to the 40% of canned foods.

It Lasts a Long Time.

Buy it up. You can stock up on as much freeze-dried food as you want without it expiring on you. Refrigerated foods may only last a week. Frozen foods may only last a month. Canned foods will last about a year. Freeze-dried foods, however, can last for many years when stored properly. Store it anywhere and everywhere with confidence that it’s still good when you’re ready to make it.

It’s Delicious.

Try it for yourself. Happy Yak Foods are produced in Canada using the highest quality ingredients and processes. You might be surprised to find out that every meal is perfectly seasoned and flavored, too. So much can be freeze-dried. Meats, veggies, herbs, and more can all be freeze-dried, ensuring that you have a complete meal on the go. It ensures you get a balanced meal that you can enjoy bite after bite.

It’s Affordable.

Convenience is often expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The options that we have available are affordable. Each meal contains 2 servings. Use them as a side or as a main dish. Either way, you’ll enjoy the convenience of it all without breaking the bank.

It’s Easy to Prepare!

Just follow the simple instructions on the back of each packet. For most of our meals, soups, and desserts, all you need is boiling water. Add the prescribed amount of hot water to the mylar packet, reseal, and wait. Once it has rehydrated to the desired consistency, stir and enjoy!


In no time, you’ll find that freeze-dried foods allow you to transport your favorites to wherever you go. Imagine the possibilities…

Suddenly, you can have risotto by the campfire. You can enjoy granola on the top of a mountain. You can even have soup on the side of your hiking trail. As long as you have the ability to add hot water to your food, you’re able to make all sorts of things. Perhaps the best part is that freeze-dried foods can last a long time. Stock your backpack up with your favorites. This way, any time you go out, you’ll have plenty of food to keep you fueled and fed.

Rely on Us for Variety

Variety is the spice of life. When you’re heading on an adventure (or you simply want to stock up for bad weather), you have to consider what you’re going to stock up on. Often, what people stock up on is boring. It’s a bunch of canned mystery meats and random condensed soups. You wouldn’t eat them unless you absolutely have to – and yet you’ll eat them when you’re camping. Why is that? Don’t you deserve a variety of foods that are actually enjoyable to eat?

At Emergency Meals & Provisions, we see to it that you have delicious foods for every occasion. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, so something hot and hearty is always the way to go. Lunch can fuel you throughout your adventures and ensure that you have something warm in your belly. Finally, dinner is all about winding down after a long day, and the food you eat should be nourishing as well as scrumptious.

So, what if you don’t have a refrigerator or an oven or even a stove? When you’re in survivalist mode, we make sure that you’re still able to eat well – and our gourmet selection of meals is always growing.

Just add water. You can heat water anywhere and everywhere. Carry it with you in a canteen or heat up a kettle over a campfire. Regardless of how you get the water, it provides you with the means necessary to make your freeze-dried foods into a four-star meal.

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Start Demanding Delicious Food

It’s time that you start to demand better food. Forget roasting hot dogs on an open fire and hoping that you catch something in the river. You deserve more certainty of not only the availability of food but also flavor. At Emergency Meals & Provisions, we have heard your demands. Ordering from us is easy – and you’ll soon have all the meals and snacks you could possibly ask for. We’re proud to provide you with Happy Yak brand foods, all made from fresh ingredients.

Start enjoying more of life’s adventures knowing that we’ve got the food taken care of. You won’t have to worry about long preparation times or the fear of wondering what you’ll eat. Freeze-dried foods are easy to prepare. They’re light to carry. And they’re affordable. More importantly, they’re delicious. Impress your travel buddies with foods you’ll actually want to eat.

Start shopping our amazing selection of freeze-dried foods now.

We guarantee that you’ll taste the difference and fall in love with the Happy Yak foods.

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